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wolf brother by okiokiokiokioki

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December 30, 2011
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Percy and Reyna walked into the Principia. They started discussing about plans regarding the giant war and a more pressing matter: the arrival of the Greeks.
"Percy," Reyna's voice was steady and demanding, "You know these people more than I do, so you can assure me that they will not be a threat to this camp.
Percy took a deep breath. "No." He turned towards Reyna. When their eyes met, Reyna's breath hitched as she tensed. "No, they will not be. And if they are, I will defend this camp with my life."
Percy walked forward; Reyna's eyes followed him. She felt something flutter within her. "We have to stay strong and focused now. The camp is counting on the both of us."
Percy stopped in his tracks and faced his colleague.
"Both of us.", he muttered, "Us."
"What?" Reyna felt herself blush when she heard him.
"Nothing. I was just-uh-are you saying I'm not strong and focused?"
"No! I just meant that we should be-you know. I just thought it because…your friends…and the truth…and…" Reyna's eyes dropped and she felt sad and worried all of a sudden. She couldn't bring herself to look at Percy. "And your girlfriend…" She said it like she was just stabbed.
"Oh," Percy sounded downcast. He put his hand behind his neck and looked away. "Annabeth."
Reyna remembered the way Annabeth hugged Percy when the warship landed. And believe it or not, she felt jealous and hurt. The moment Annabeth and Percy's bodies collided; she wanted to rip them from each other. Her only consolation was Percy's lost and confused face. No. She could not and should not feel that way because…because…
"Jason's here too." Percy tried to sound upbeat.
"I know that!", Reyna spat at him and then stomped away.
"What! I was just saying!"
Reyna sank into one of the Praetor's chair. Her head rested in one of her hands. Her eyes were closed. "Gods of Olympus…"
There was a long awkward silence between them.
"Reyna," Reyna looked up "I-I'm sorry…" She cringed.
Just a few inches from her face was Percy's.
"F-for what?" Reyna stammered
"For this." Then, he kissed her.
Reyna, at first, was unresponsive. She sat there in a state of shock. Then slowly, she gave in.
His lips were soft against hers. Reyna threw her arms around Percy's neck, deepening the kiss. The both of them kissed passionately. Percy wrapped his arms around her, making their bodies pressed together. Reyna never felt this way about anyone…since Jason Grace. She never kissed anyone this way. And certainly nobody kissed her this way either. She liked it.
After a moment, they drew away. Reyna eyed her co-praetor; his sea-green eyes were sparkling. He chuckled. Somehow, the both of them ended up on the floor with Reyna on top.. Reyna started to laugh, too. She ran her fingers through Percy's hair. He held her hand to his face.
"I really enjoyed that.", she whispered
"Then that makes both of us." Percy smiled warmly at her.
"W-what about…", Reyna's voice faltered, "Annabeth..and Jason?"
"What about them?" His voice was unwavering and lifeless.
"I thought that you..?" Reyna searched Percy's eyes. "What if they find out?"
"Find out what?"
"This." Reyna motioned to them with her chin.
Percy held Reyna tighter. She leaned on him.
"They won't ever know.", Percy whispered into the daughter of Bellona's ear
Then, he kissed her again.
Haha! More Percy x Reyna! I honestly don't know what happened after the last line.....what do you think?

This deviation is dedicated to

She passed away. It's a great loss...
Here is my message to her:
Rest in peace, even though I never met you or knew you better (except from some comments on my profile and deviations), from those I could tell that you're a great person. May you end up with our Creator.
Thank you for supporting Percy X Reyna with me. Actually that was the last memory of you and me "talking". So every Percy x Reyna pic I will do, will be dedicated to you. (You asked for more ^_^)
I'm really sorry that I didn't get to know you so well. But now, rest in peace and may you be with the Lord. Thank you for everything.

If you didn't catch what I was saying, all my Percy X Reyna picture will be dedicated to her. I guess, I'll be putting up a folder in my gallery for her. (I might draw her OCs or something.)

In loving memory of :iconcloudyseas:

Reyna and Percy (c) Rick Riordan
Story (c) me
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Ok I don't mean to offend anyone but I'm not getting how people can see Reyna and Percy together because they never really showed romantic chemistry, if you can tell me your reason for liking them great I want to know. I'm not hating so don't get all offended.
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Ok Reyna and Percy I think she not into him that way because she in love with Jason
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