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bratitude123 has started a donation pool!
79 / 100
Commission Details

Headshots: 50 :points: (+10 :points: for each additional character)
Punk'd by bratitude123 Children of Aphrodite by bratitude123

Headshots of your character or canon character of choice. You also may specify if you would like to have a background or not.

Half-Body: 70 :points: (+10 :points: for each additional character)
Goddess of Love and Beauty by bratitude123 The Thief's Daughter by bratitude123 The Mortal Instruments OCs by bratitude123

Half-body drawing of your character or canon character of choice. You may also specify if you would like to have a background or not.

Full-Body: 100 :points: (+10 :points: for each additional character)
Romans by bratitude123 PJO Girls by bratitude123

Full Body drawing of your character or canonc character of choice. You also may specify if you would like to have a background or not.

Detail Drawings: 120 :points: for Headshots, 150 :points: for Full Body
Jubilee Daea by bratitude123 Amita Sikhananda by bratitude123

Deatail drawings cost a bit more because I don't usually do them (only if asked) and it takes a while. This is only limited to one character and is done with no background.

Color Palettes/Monochromes: 40 :points: (+10 :points for each additional characters)
Dakota Summers by bratitude123 Color Palettes by bratitude123

For the color palette and monochromes you may give speccfic colors. This automatically has a background.

Moodboards: 100 :points:
Nasstassja Fairwynd-Moodboard by bratitude123 Gabriel Highland-Moodbard by bratitude123

A moodboard of your character or canon character of choice. This one is a bit costly because it really does take a lot of time for me to make these.

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Tagged by : :iconpjofan22: (ahhh! thank you for considering me as one of you dA friends! I love you so much and remember: you are an amazing person~! I hope you'll grow to be more and more awesome!<3)

1. Fill out all the questions
2. Tag at least 5 people afterwards
3. Have fun!

1. Hi! What's your username and why?

bratitude123. ehhh I was hooked to this song called "Bratitude" from The Bratz movie. Haha...and 123 because it kinda seemed obvious to choose those numbers. It was easy to remember 

2. What art do you usually produce (digital, traditional, literature...)

I do all of those. However, I mostly post digital on dA. I'm more comfortable uploading traditional and sketches on tumblr ^^ In terms of traditional, I recently discovered that I absolutely love drawing with colored pencils!

3. What's your icon?

My Heroes of Olympus fancharacter, Yuri Long, daughter of Bellona :D

4. Show us what you work on! (Eg: a photo of your desk or laptop or where you generally spend time doing art)

A long, white, and eternally messy table. As of now, there are miniatures of world monuments (mainly the Tower Bridge, the Burj Al Arab, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Tower of Pisa, and the Eiffel Tower) and my laptop, papers, books, and other various school stuff on it

5. Who are your best DeviantART friends?

a bunch but I'm not mentioning names...sorry

6. Have you ever had a Premium Membership?

Never D: *goes into a corner to cry*

7. If you've never had one, what would be the first thing you'd do if you had one?

I'd use the journal skins and change my username~ :D

8. Biggest Pet Peeve about deviantART?

The damn overreacting (how do you spell that???). Like for real. I don't care if I don't ship your OTP. I don't care if you ship my OTP. I'd be damn happy but really. Don't tell people that they're bad fans because they don't ship canon couples, okay. You don't have to tell them to die, either. And so what if I don't like your fave character????

Also whatever I do with Greek mythology HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERCY JACKSON okay

AND don't just go onto a deviation of mine and go "hey can you draw my OCs "so and so" thank you!". I mean you can ask that but please, do it via Notes and say it in a nicer way. 

I won't continue anymore because this journal will get preetty long hehe

9. What art piece are you working on now?

I have some commissions (I'm sorry, Volky) and art trades to do. And a bajillion ideas for Hetalia fanart and fan edits/graphics. And a bajilion other OC profiles...still art...ish?

10. Who are your art idols?

Viria, Burdge, WataDrag, Sully-S (I love her art syle so much), RandomAwesomeWeirdo (she has mastered the art of avoiding the same face syndrome and her characters are super cool!), SkaterSkittle (her art is to die for), and bunch of other artists hehe

11. Are you on any other websites?

I'm always on Tumblr (btw if you'd like you can follow my blogs; I'd love it if you guys would ^^ --> Personal Blog (I post art here too!) and Fan Character Blog (more info on my OCs here)

12. Are you open for commissions? If yes, what are you selling?

I am! But I think I'll put them on hold for the moment because I have to finish some of them. And you can just check what I'm selling on my dA page -->

13. What do you usually draw/write about?

My characters usually. But lately I have been drawing a lot of Hetalia fanart...mostly APH Spain, APH England, APH America, and Rusame (viva la Space Gays) :D

14. Ever been to a DeviantMeet?


15. What do you do when you're not on DeviantART?

Tumblr. Homework. Making imaginary scenarios in my head... crashing and burning

16. How do you feel about your art/writings?

Could do better (especially with anatomy and the accursed same face syndrome *wailing in the distance*)
I like how my style just gets cartoony-er hehe

17. Quick! Write a special thank-you/compliment to one of your watchers!

ILY PJOfan22 :heart:

18. What's your favorite piece of art you've requested/seen on DeviantART?

 It's not requested but I like it...and since I'm currently Hetalia trash..have some Hetalia fanart:
2 years- thank you by hakuku
all my feels :heart:

19. How long do you plan on staying on DeviantART?

err....not sure....I've been thinking of leaving, tbh

20. Who's your favorite watcher?

no comment..

21. What Art program do you use? (if digital)

Photoshop CS5 :)

22. What is your desktop background?

Antionio Fernandez Carriedo/APH Spain :heart:
Desktop Bg by bratitude123
yup, no desktop icons

23. What internet browser do you use? (internet explorer, Chrome, firefox...)

Google Chrome~

24. Time for some advertising! Link one of your watcher's works down below!

*agressively sings HSM songs*
Start of Something New by nessaaa95

25. Tag your friends!

 Bichette1 RandomAwesomeWeirdo nessaaa95 elfblossoms hridi-das

What have you all learned from this: I have become Hetalia trash. I am sorry.
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Hetalia soundtrack
  • Reading: some Political Science and law books
  • Watching: Hetalia

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