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My artwork need love. Please give them some.

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bratitude123 has started a donation pool!
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Yeah, I'm doing some. See down here for more details:



~Head to Shoulder: 4 :points:
Samples: Lightweight by bratitude123

~Half-Body: 5 :points:
Samples: Kathyrn Jackson by bratitude123

~Full Body without background: 6 :points:
Samples: Feeling Godly? by bratitude123

~Full Body with background: 9 :points:
Samples: Rise of Gaea by bratitude123 Demigod by bratitude123

~Group (couples included; until 3 people) without background: 10 :points: (+1 per new person)
Sample: Praetor Reyna by bratitude123 PinoyDemigod:Remember the name by bratitude123 The City Is At War by bratitude123 Romans and Greeks by bratitude123

~Group (couples included; until 3 people) with background: 15 :points: (+1 per person)
Sample: Frolic in the Flowers by bratitude123 Stars by bratitude123 Just hold on tight by bratitude123

~Bookmark: 5 :points:
Sample: Hades and Persephone by bratitude123 Birth of Athena by bratitude123

Notes: On group picture commisions, only up to three characters will be in full body. If the number of characters exceeds three, it will only be half-body. Though, at times, i will decide whether the characters in the pic will be in full body or just half.



~Head to Shoulder without background: 8 :points:
Samples: Jerome by bratitude123 All the other kids... by bratitude123 Little Miss Blondie by bratitude123

~Head to Shoulder with background: 10 :points:
Samples: Marcie by bratitude123

~Half-Body without background: 10 :points:
Samples: :thumb314402007: Fante by bratitude123

~Half-Body with background: 15 :points:
Samples: So I set the world on Fi-yah by bratitude123

~Full Body: 15 :points:
Samples: Just Trent by bratitude123 Sansa Stark by bratitude123 Roaring 20s anyone? by bratitude123

~Group (couples included; until 3 people) without background: 20 :point:s (+1 per new person)
Sample: There's something terribly wrong here... by bratitude123

~Group (couples included; until 3 people) with background: 25 :points: (+1 per new person)
Sample: Mythology Class- Silver Trio by bratitude123 Let's Get Rich by bratitude123 These guys... by bratitude123

~Bookmark: 10 :points:
Sample: Team Jasper by bratitude123

Notes: You can choose whether you want it without lineart or with. On group picture commisions, only up to three characters will be in full body. If the number of characters exceeds three, it will only be half-body.


~Writing: 5 :points:
Sample: And They Talked About Their Feelings
Percy X Reyna: In the Principia

Thank you! :) Just note me, kay. I hope you guys participate. I really need points.

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Andrew Webber by bratitude123
Andrew Webber
New OC! Andrew Webber, son of Athena! I was only going to post this on my Headcanon blog--> but decided to post it here to ^^

Also, this is my first drawing with my new tablet! Huzzah! :D I'm also trying a new style (again????) But how does it look? How are the colors? Can someone please tell me what the color of his skin is to you? The colors in my computer are usually messed up -_-

So yeah, that's all folks! :D Comments please?

Andrew Webber (c) bratitude123
The Lyre of Apollo preview by bratitude123
The Lyre of Apollo preview
Just a preview for a short story I'm working on! Huzzah!

I know, I know...but Max, don't you have a long fic to finish? Yes, I do. And don't worry; I will finish it. I'm just revising it-big time!

Hopefully, I will get to finish this short story. Mostly because of character development and I really like what I have planned for this. ^^

Comments so far please? :D

CHB and Clarisse (c) Rick Riordan
March Porter (c) ravenbird15
Name: Jasper Alfonso Escondo-Salvador
Name Meaning:
  • Jasper is of Persian origin and means “treasurer”
  • Alfonso is of Spanish and Italian origin and means “ ready for battle”
  • Escondo- It is the infinitive verb form of  the Portuguese word “esconder” which means “to hide”
  • Salvador- It is of Latin origin and means “Savior”

Nicknames (if any): Jazz (by majority of the people he knows)
Ethnicity (broken-down): He identifies as Latin American. His mother is half-Mexican and half-Argentinian. He also has a small dilution of Spanish and German. His father is a Greek god.
Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hometown: Buenos Aires
County: Berazetegui
Places Lived (unless they haven't moved):
  • Buenos Aires
  • Manhattan (c/o his uncle)
  • Camp Half-Blood

Age: 17 (as of the Son of Neptune)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10 (and a half)
Weight: 143 lbs
Blood Type: B-
Birthday: January 5, 1995
Greek Zodiac: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Eye Color: sky blue (from his dad)
Hair Color: black-brown (from his mom)
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: no tattoos or piercings, has various scars from training and the Second Titan War the biggest would be the one that runs from his left shoulder down to his torso (this wound caused him to be cut off from the battle in Manhattan). It is slanted.
Physical Description: Jasper has a generally long body (long limbs and torso), broad shoulders, and olive skin. He isn’t super duper muscular but has started to develop some from Camp training. He has side swept bangs that brush the tops of his eyebrows. Normally, his hair is shaggy but he tries his best to keep it tidy. It is also bordering between wavy and straight (but often appears more straight). His everyday clothes consist of a plaid polo (with sleeves folded to his elbows) worn over a Camp Half-Blood shirt. He wears plain blue jeans and sneakers. His accessories include two ballers on his right hand, his CHB necklace, and a thin chain with a cross pendant (which he keeps hidden under his shirt). On some occasions, he wears a fedora hat and beanies just for the lolz of it.

Good Traits: Motivated, dedicated, patient, has a keen love for nature, a team player, felxible
Flaws: Dishonest, lazy, shallow, jealous, selfish, hypocrital
Good Habits: is generally polite, appreciates simple things, isn’t afraid to get “down and dirty”
Bad Habits: a fools-love (he easily falls for girls who are pretty and nice; though it never amounts to anything), voices out his opinion even when not necessary, can’t handle criticisms (he will take it as an insult), has a tendency to keep secrets
Weird Habits: he tends to purse his lips together and squint his eyes will thinking
Fears: being left alone, any Big Three kid- especially Thalia (he fears what their powers and what they can do), large bodies of water, spiders, any creature bigger than him
Favorite Food: Taco shells
Least Favorite Food: Asparagus soup
Favorite Place to Eat: At home with his family
Favorite Drink: Coke float
Least Favorite Drink: Vegetable shakes that his mother used to give him
Favorite Color: Blue
Least Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Scent: Whiteboard markers
Least Favorite Scent: Cigarette smoke
Favorite Time of Year: Autumn
Favorite Time of Day: Mornings
Favorite Weather: Slightly sunny with a drizzle
Favorite Movie: Chicago
Favorite Singer: He doesn’t have a specific one but he is fond of Jason Mraz’s songs
Favorite Band: Foster the People
Favorite Song: Helena Beat (acoustic) by Foster the People
Favorite Article of Clothing: His plaid polos and red Converse shoes and his beanies
Best Subject (School): History and Literature (His strengths as an Apollo kid lie in poetry and writing more than music and drawing. His writing skills were a gift from his dad.)
Best Subject (Camp): Archery
Worst Subject (School): Calculus
Worst Subject (Camp): Sword fighting and wrestling

Family (please explain, in detail, how your character feels/thinks about their Godly parent)
Mother: Luzviminda Escondo-Salvador
How does your character feel about her? Explain: He cares deeply for his mother. Jasper loves and respects her a lot. He is grateful for her understanding and supportive nature. He knows that being away is not something she wants-Jasper feels guilty for that. He treats his mother like a queen and wants to give her everything. She is one of the reasons why Jasper chooses not to die (like fighting to survive instead of giving up and dying).
Father: Apollo, god of poetry, music, prophecy, the truth, sun and Ray Ban sunglasses
How does your character feel about him? Explain: Jasper doesn’t like talking about his father. Though, he admits that his godly heritage makes up a big part of who he is. He feels some resentment towards Apollo for not claiming him immediately and waiting till the last minute to do so. He never really forgave Apollo for ignoring him for most of his life. People try to explain the whole thing to him but he won’t listen. (Yeah, he’s uber close-minded when it comes to Apollo. And, yeah, this is more his fault now.) But secretly, Jasper just really wants to impress Apollo and generally make him happy/proud of him. It will hurt him to actually admit that. As time goes by, he does learn to let go and understand.
Step-Parent: Eric Salvador
How do they feel about them? Explain: He loves his father. Eric taught Jasper almost everything he knows. And Jasper is eternally grateful for that. They have many bonding moments with each other and are very close.  Jasper trusts his dad with all his heart and would do almost anything for him.
Siblings: Ruthy Scots-Salvador and Luke Cowels-Salvador; the Apollo cabin
Are they close? Explain: They are extremely close. Like extremely. He loves the both of them to bits. Though, he can sometimes end up arguing with Ruthy over their opinions. He connects with Luke easier. Luke likes playing soccer with Jasper. Jasper is very supportive of his siblings and vice versa. The Apollo cabin? Jasper loves all of them.

Relationships (please be specific, add detail. I.e. why do they dislike your character, why does your character dislike them, how the kiss happened, what the first date was like, etc.)
Closest Friends (Outside of Camp):
  • Camilla Sanchez/ She is one of Jasper’s super duper close friends. The both of them met through Ferdinand and have been friends ever since. She is quite open to her friends. Jasper often goes to her for advice and stories. The both of them share a love for reading and discuss books a lot. They may have briefly dated but stayed friends after. Jasper sees her as his sister (in all honesty).
  • Ferdinand Villalobos/ Jasper’s childhood friend. Outside of Camp, Jasper and Ferdinand do everything together. Like everything (except super personal stuff). Ferdiand is trying to teach Jasper how to play soccer. It’s going quite well. Sort of. Jasper sees Ferdinand as part of his family and nothing can convince him otherwise.

Closet Friends (At Camp):
  • Sabel delos Santos (daughter of Apollo)- He and his half-sister are very close. Sabel comes to him for advice and basically everything else. Though Jasper admits that she can be very tiring to be around (and to care for), he’d never ever leave her hanging. In all honesty, Sabel reminds him of his other sister, Ruthy, as they both can get really annoying and pushy and proud of things they can do and stand for. As a result, he feels protective of her (he’s like to his other half-siblings too). Generally, Jasper and Sabel respect each other. Though Jasperstill has to teach her the concept of “enough is enough” and “alcoholic beverages aren’t water”.
  • Michael Kents (son of Dionysus)- They’re basically bros. They did get to Camp Half-Blood together-badly beaten but alive. They’ve been close ever since. Jasper was one of the last ones to find out the Michael was gay. How he found out? Michael admitted to Jasper that he had a crush on him (Jasper). Jasper let him down easily. They are still friends, though.
  • Jake Mason (son of Hephaestus)- No one really expected them to be close friends. It all started one Capture the Flag game in which the Apollo cabin was teamed up with the Hephaestus cabin. They had a sort of bonding moment and just started hanging out. Jasper likes spending time with him and helping him out sometimes. He’ll just stay away when he goes to forges to do work.
  • March Porter (son of Apollo)- Jasper loves March. Like a brother, of course. He does almost everything with him. He trusts March with all his life and would definitely take a bullet for him anyday.
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dare (Oracle)- He has this sort of Prophecy 101 (it’s more on how to cope with the visions thing) session with her once a week with Chiron helping him out. Jasper feels like he can talk about his dreaming problems with her openly.

Special Mentions: Gloria Armstrong (daughter of Eros), the rest of the Apollo cabin: Marcie Bouchard, Addy Streb, Nazz St. Claire, Sunny Washington, Dakota Mowan, Rodrigue Roux, Maggie Herveaux, Kim Myeong; the Unfriendly Spanish Hotties: Lazuli Penroza (daughter of Demeter), Nate Fernandez (son of Hecate), Jean Cordova (daughter of Dionysus), Rosie Santiago (daughter of Demeter); some Heremes kids (they made his stay in their cabin quite memorable and somewhat fun), Heath Hudson (son of Dionysus), Luca Martin (son of Asclepius), Marshall Lewis (son of Hypnos), Phaedra August (daughter of Athena), Paige Tyndall (daughter of Hebe)
Enemy?: General monsters and bad guys; despite Jasper disliking some people, he’d never really count them as his enemy (enemy is a whole new level for him)
People they dislike (both at Camp and outside):
  • Theo Villamiel- Jasper thinks that he’s arrogant and incredibly self-centered. Jasper also insulted him and it ended badly for both of them.
  • Every Big Three kid in existence- Jasper fears them too much to actually get to know and like them.

People who dislike them:
  • Theo Villamiel- Mutual dislike. Thinks Jasper is pretty much fake and doesn’t like how he’s a hypocrite. He also criticized Jasper which is a pretty big mistake when it comes to dealing with Jasper.
  • Thalia Grace (daughter of Zeus)- She doesn’t really understand why Jasper dislikes her so much. In addition, Jasper does make it super obvious that he dislikes her.
  • Percy Jackson (son of Poseidon)- Jasper kinda makes it super obvious that he dislikes him. That doesn’t exactly translate well with Percy. They don’t talk at all-unless it’s super important.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Katie Gardner (daughter of Demeter)- Katie was the one who toured him around Camp. At first, they were annoyed with each other but eventually turned out to be close friends. Jasper loves Katie a lot even if he appears unserious half the time (this annoys Katie to no end).  But he does care for her deeply. And vice versa. In a way, they’re good for each other. Jasper’s flexibility and patience balances out Katie’s mother-like/stubborn/serious disposition.  He teaches her to take life in stride and that sometimes people have to stop and smell the flowers. Likewise, she pushes him to work harder, actually get things done, and to take things (and other people) more seriously. Basically, he would do almost anything for her. (He started dating her like two weeks before the Second Titan War).
Past Relationships: Camilla Sanchez- They went out when he was 13 and lasted for two weeks. They decided to break it off since they felt weird being an item. Camilla is now dating Ferdinand and it is going quite well.
First Kiss: Gloria Armstrong- It was a spin the bottle game and the bottle ended up pointing at Jasper.
First Date: He and Camilla went out to eat then they watched a movie together.
Ideal Date: Concert or movies (but mostly concert) then just general spending time with each other

Situations/Other (answer in detail.  You can even write in story form, like with dialogue)
Describe your characters favorite physical activity: Of all the physical activities (everyone has tried to get him into), Jasper enjoys archery the most. He isn’t very much into athletics and would rather spend his time writing, playing the trumpet (or any other musical instruments), or just hanging out with friends.
Least favorite activity?: Swordplay. It eludes him.
When was the last time your character climbed a tree?: After a Capture the Flag game (though he was in a tree for majority of the game). He had to get Sabel down.
Can your character cook?: No. He does eventually learn and he turns out to be pretty decent.
You character is face to face with their worst enemy; how do they react?: First, he’d try to avoid a fight. If he fails, he’d immediately go for his bow and defend himself.
Your character carries around one photo, what is it of?: He actually carries around  two photos: one is of his family and the other is of his Apollo cabin family. Jasper is the kind of person who takes family and the quote “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” (even if it’s more Hawaiian because Lilo and Stitch) very very seriously. He takes the “Or forgotten” part very seriously.
What does your character eat for breakfast?: Eggs
Fondest childhood memory?: A family reunion when he 12 years old. It was the most fun he had been to and it turned out better because he had his adopted siblings to share it with it.
What is your characters favorite piece of artwork?: He really likes “Race Riot” by Andy Warhol. Actually, he is a huge Andy Warhol fan.
Describe the outside of your characters home: It is a medium two-story house with a brownish-red roof and light colored body (?). It has a veranda. It kinda looks like this minus the pool and grass area. The only reason it looks really nice was because Jasper’s uncle gave them money to make it that way. (They owe a lot to him.)
What does their room look like?: Jasper’s room doesn’t have much stuff in it but it somehow appears messy. He usually forgets to put stuff in its proper place in his hurry to go somewhere. However, he does make sure that the pretty embarrassing stuff are well hidden. He’ll clean his room up, eventually. His room is quite spacious when it’s clean. His room is located at the front side of his house and is on the second floor. It has dark blue walls with some posters (mostly of his favorite movies and bands) on it. His twin bed is placed next to the wall. It is usually grey and blue in color. (Yeah, he loves blue that much.) He also has a seemingly eternally messy desk. On it are usually books, papers, a notebook, and his laptop. He has a sliding cabinet which he doesn’t let anyone open. He has some drawers to one side of his room.
Your character goes home to find blood on the floor, how do they react?: Jasper would wonder why would there be blood and call the authorities over.  
A cop stops your character for a minor violation, how to they act?: “I’m sure it’s not that bad, officer.”- Jasper would try to convince the cop to let him go. He would fail at it, eventually. Afterwards, he’d just accept his fate.
What does the color blue make your character think of?: His room
How does your character feel about large bodies of water?: Jasper is not a huge fan of large bodies of water. It makes him feel uncomfortable. He’d prefer to not go near but if he was made to, he probably would. He doesn't have a problem with lakes and swimming pools but seas and oceans are a different thing.
Phobias: How intense are they? How do they react in situations facing these phobias?:
  • Large bodies of water and Spiders- Not very intense. It would make him uncomfortable to face these but it’s something he can jump over if he wanted to.
  • Any Big Three Kid- Jasper is scared of them. Like really scared. He fears what they can do. Mostly he doesn’t believe that people should have that many powers or that kind of power at their disposal. It would take a whole lot of persuading to actually make him work with them.
  • Being left alone and Creatures bigger than him- Jasper hates hates hates being alone of the feeling of being alone. When encountered with this, he gets really tense and jumpy all over.

Your characters is watching the clouds, what do they see?: “They’re cotton balls.” –This came from one of his first grade art projects. He used cotton balls to make the clouds.
Does your character have a job?: Jasper works at the Camp store. This was Katie’s suggestion which was supported by his siblings and Chiron. At first, he wasn’t too happy about it but, eventually, the job grew on him. He does his shifts out of habit now. Jasper figures that it was actually alright-he got to spend more time with Katie so there’s that (they have the same shift). Outside of Camp, he has a typing/editing job as well as one in the local music store.
If not, how do they fund their outings? Wardrobe? Dinner?: It is a combination of his parent’s money and his savings.
How opinionated is your character? How often do they express those opinions?: Jasper voices out his opinions even when it is not needed.
Is your character confident? Overconfident? Lacks confidence? Explain: Jasper is pretty confident in who he is, what he has, and what he can do.
What hobbies does your character partake in?: Writing, music (trumpet, piano, guitar, drums, and singing), writing music, reading
Open their wallet, what do you find?: His student ID, some money, protection (what?), receipts in which he writes poetry lines that he just thought up in the moment
What is your characters ambition/dream?: When he was a kid, Jasper wanted to be an astronaut. However, as time went by, he decided that he wanted to be a world-renown/best-selling author. (But I bet that being an astronaut still has a place in his heart.)
What social niche does your character fit into (i.e. prep, emo, hipster, etc.): Probably hipster-artsy person
If your character had nearly unlimited wealth, what would they spend it on?: First, he’d give a large amount to his family and set aside some money for his college. Then, he’d get a huge house. And probably treat all of his friends. Then, he’d probably buy a bunch of stuff for Katie.
How would your character court the person of their dreams?: Simply put, Jasper would write songs and a bunch poetry for that person.
How does your character prefer to solve minor problems (like arguments)?: Sometimes, he wouldn’t even bother to solve them.  If he strongly believed in his stand, he will get stubborn about it. But reality, Jasper doesn’t want to get into problems/arguments. He’ll find a distraction or just walk away from it.
If your character were a writer, what kind of stories would they write?: It’s funny because Jasper is a writer. He would write adventure/fantasy stories or historical literature.
How do they feel about doctors?: To him, doctors aren’t so bad. They help out people so it’s all good.
What is your characters view on basic human nature?: People are, at their core, good. No one is totally evil or evil for evil’s sake (“Except Joffrey Baratheon. That kid’s a cabeza di pija.”)  
Adventure or security? Explain: Jasper is more on security. Better safe than sorry.
Last medical problem? Explain: Wrestling with Clarisse. He got his ass handed to him (“I am not going to hit/tackle a girl!”) and ended up at the infirmary.
Who is annoyed by your character? How?:
  • Conner and Travis Stoll- They don’t really and completely annoy each other. They all have their moments though Conner and Travis can get really aggravated every time Jasper has to call them out on their pranks and whatnot.
  • Michael Kents- Also not a completely annoy each other all the time thing. He just finds Jasper dense most of the time.

Who is your character annoyed by? How?:
  • Conner and Travis Stoll- They don’t really and completely annoy each other. They all have their moments though Conner and Travis can get really aggravated every time Jasper has to call them out on their pranks and whatnot.
  • Roman Campers- Jasper so thinks that Greeks are better than Romans.

What are your characters biggest pet peeves?:
  • People who try to communicate to him in Spanish (and fail miserably at it) because they are under the impression that he can’t understand English
  • Fifty Shades of Grey. To him, it’s just downright bad writing.
  • Skinny jeans on men
  • His stuff being moved by others
  • The sound of cracking fingers (he occasionally does it but he hates it)

What are some five things your character would say most often?:
  • “Why are you talking like that?”
  • “Que lo pario!”
  • “On a scale of one to ten; how bad is it?”
  • “I’ll do it later. Or…never.”
  • “I am highly motivated to do nothing.”

Weapon: English Longbow and a quiver of Celestial bronze tipped arrows
Mist Version: a pocket flashlight that turns into his weapon when switched on
Style: He’ll try to hit his targets as long as it is within his range
Strengths: Superb marksmanship, tries to anticipate attacks, makes use of his surroundings, is always on his feet
Weaknesses: Sucks at sword play (he’s got horrible footwork), relies on others too much, will not go into close range even when really necessary, gets really focused on the task/enemy at hand leaving himself open to other attackers
  • Prophetic Dreaming- Jasper can perceive future events in his dreams. Usually, they don’t make sense to him and the time when they happen is also unclear. They are also set in the far future. These dreams can keep him up all night. If not, he’ll get a migraine or still be tired the following morning.
  • Heightened archery skills

Fatal Flaw: Overbearing Pride/Hubris- When it comes to things he’s good at (ex. archery), Jasper feels he can do it better than everyone else (he overestimates his abilities). He won’t listen to criticisms, advices, or suggestions. This is bad as it can lead to him losing sight of reality and cause him to make some really bad decisions in battle.

Put a detailed overview of their story:

Jasper was born to Luzviminda and Apollo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His mother was a freelance artist and this was what caught Apollo’s eye. His mother taught him (Jasper) art at a young age. Though, he was better at concepts than actually painting. His mother converted to Christianity when he was 5; he was then raised as so. When Jasper was 7, his mother married and African-American (actually he’s bi-racial/multi-racial?: African-American and Spanish) jazz musician named Eric Salvador. Eric treated Jasper like one of his own children and even taught him how to play the trumpet. That instrument, as well as jazz music, then became one of Jasper’s passions. When Jasper was 12, his parents decided to adopt Ruthy Scotts (12 at that time) and Luke Cowel (9 at that time).
He lived a relatively normal life as the monsters came a bit too late. However, instead of monsters, he was plagued with dreams. Mostly they were of the same thing: pretty violent, kinda bloody, and really hazy. The dreams were never the same and they never came every night. But they were still pretty disturbing to keep an 8-year old Jasper up all night.
During a weekend stay in New York (once again, care of his uncle), he was attacked by some monsters. He then ran into Michael Kents, along with a satyr, who were making their way to Camp Half-Blood. They would have gotten there easier, quicker, and less-bruised is Jasper hadn’t been stupid and used his phone. He entered Camp Half-Blood at the age of 11. It was difficult for him to accept the existence of other gods because of his strong belief in his religion. However, he was able to accept it over time. He wasn’t claimed immediately and waited almost five years to be claimed. It happened a week before the Second Titan War. He nearly turned traitor but was stopped (mostly by his friends-and Sabel who may have kept a close watch on him). He was 16 years old when he was claimed. He would have lost his life if it weren’t for some campers who were at the right place at the right time.
He is not a year-round Camper.

Other Notes:
  • Aside from the trumpet, Jasper is also skilled in playing the piano, guitar, and drums (he's learning). He can also sing. He makes covers of songs and posts them on Youtube/Tumblr/wherever.
  • His favorite book is the Harry Potter series. He is a hardcore Potterhead.
  • Jasper’s uncle, Enrique Escondo, is a big shot Hollywood star. He is very generous towards Jasper and is quite interested in his education. He eventually has a child with Aphrodite-much to Jasper’s surprise and dismay.</li>
  • His dyslexia isn't so bad. He’s quite an avid reader/editor. The only exception to this is anything written in neon and cursive.
  • Face Claim: Luke Pasqualino
PJO OC: Jasper Salvador (advanced profile)

Edit 10/21/14: WOW. About time I finished his advanced profile. ^^ Yup, changed the profile to advanced profile ^^

Edit 08/18/12: I added a new friend for him ^^

Edit 07/30/12: I developed him some more. And I changed his girlfriend. From Piper McLean to Katie Gardner. Actually, Katie was my first choice for his girlfriend. And I guess I put Piper because I have a bias for Aphrodite kids XD. So, now, I have decided to go back to Katie. Why? Because I was randomly drawing some PJaTO characters and I really liked the design I did for Katie. She has this slightly curly caramel brown hair that is tied in a low ponytail. And she has freckles and wears hippie flower bands. :heart: And I thought: I like you better for Jazz. So here it is...

And if you want tour OC to be friends with him, just tell me. ^^ If they have a profile, link it as well ^^

I have got a new character! Meet Jasper Salvador. Yeah, you guys remember Jasper Escondo. Well, I changed his last name. And he has gone through so much changes. When I first created him, I made him a really poor guy from the Philippines. Then, I revamped him and made him a soccer player from Spain. And then, I changed him into this. A trumpet playing son of Apollo. I liked the idea of him being sort of Spanish so I kept that....

And yes, I am well aware that I paired him up with Piper. JasPer (lolz, pun XD)- JasperxPiper-is completely fine with me. But Piper seemed like the kind of girl Jasper would like. SO, yeah....

And why is his preview pic monochromatic? Because I like monochromes.

Comments and Constructive Criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

Jasper "Jazz" Salvador (c) :iconbratitude123:

March Porter (c) :iconravenbird15:

Julianne Taylor (c) :iconheygril1:

Katie Gardner, other PJaTO canon character and CHB (c) R squared

Join! -->> :iconrise-of-heroes-chb:
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the feels by bratitude123
the feels
Hey, personally, I like us.

BE OVERWHELMED WITH THE FEELS. BE VERY OVERWHELMED. wow...I can't believe it's over. Wow. So, in honor, of Blood of Olympus (which I have not read yet) me and carterkanee have done this collaboration. It's The Lost Hero trio: Leo, Jason, and Piper. I love them so much.

This is a collaboration between carterkanee and me. She did the line work and I did the colors. You guys should check her stuff out, it's great! -->…

Comments please? :)

Leo Valdez, Jason Grace, Piper McLean (c) Rick Riordan


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Edit: September 30, 2014

I know I should be  rewriting the first chapter but I was struck by inspiration! So, I'll be making a short story. It will be featuring Jasper. Wow, I love him. Actually, I just love writing him. The (tentative) title is The Lyre of Apollo

I have started writing it out. And I already have a few pages. I hope you guys will look forward to it ^^


So, I did mention that I would be writing a PJaTO fanfic. And I did! I made a first chapter XD

However, I'll changing that first chapter. I'm not exactly satisfied with it so it'll undergo some changes. The story would still basically be the same. Characters too. And title.

That's all, really! I hope you guys will look forward to it ^^ <3
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