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Headshots: 50 :points: (+10 :points: for each additional character)
Punk'd by bratitude123 Children of Aphrodite by bratitude123

Headshots of your character or canon character of choice. You also may specify if you would like to have a background or not.

Half-Body: 70 :points: (+10 :points: for each additional character)
Goddess of Love and Beauty by bratitude123 The Thief's Daughter by bratitude123 The Mortal Instruments OCs by bratitude123

Half-body drawing of your character or canon character of choice. You may also specify if you would like to have a background or not.

Full-Body: 100 :points: (+10 :points: for each additional character)
Romans by bratitude123 PJO Girls by bratitude123

Full Body drawing of your character or canonc character of choice. You also may specify if you would like to have a background or not.

Detail Drawings: 120 :points: for Headshots, 150 :points: for Full Body
Jubilee Daea by bratitude123 Amita Sikhananda by bratitude123

Deatail drawings cost a bit more because I don't usually do them (only if asked) and it takes a while. This is only limited to one character and is done with no background.

Color Palettes/Monochromes: 40 :points: (+10 :points for each additional characters)
Dakota Summers by bratitude123 Color Palettes by bratitude123

For the color palette and monochromes you may give speccfic colors. This automatically has a background.

Moodboards: 100 :points:
Nasstassja Fairwynd-Moodboard by bratitude123 Gabriel Highland-Moodbard by bratitude123

A moodboard of your character or canon character of choice. This one is a bit costly because it really does take a lot of time for me to make these.

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Spidey Kiss by bratitude123
Spidey Kiss

SpiderMan kiss. Much iconic. This came from the need of Maggie/Phillip as MJ and Peter. Why? Reasons. 
And I cheated on this picture. This is basically the first time I've done anything like this. Tried a new coloring style and huzzah for the background thing! Huzzah readily!

Also, I just realized that they look like Hazel and Leo o_O so to be clear, they are not Hazel and Leo. :)) It's my OC, Phillip (a son of Thalia) and Ericka's OC Maggie (a daughter of Apollo)

Will also post this on my OC tumblr blog ( I find a computer where I can actually log on to tumblr

I'll also upload a GIF of the steps...

That's all you guys! Comments please? :)

Phillip García-Ramírez (c) bratitude123
Maggie Herveaux (c) rikkirockets
Girl Power by bratitude123
Girl Power
First of all, I can't believe I actually finished this. Early. Wow.

Second, this is for the "Draw A Demi-Girl" contest over at :icondemi-girls: I really liked the concept of the contest and I knew that I had to join. This was really fun. Looking over pictures for these girls, yup. It also became a way for me to know other demi-girls and their creator's works so yay!

Third, I don't think Carly does the digital drawing thing (idk?) but I just put it in her computer because I wanted to have this "Inception" kind of thing. And her pose is based off Viria's Wise girl. And Lilly is wearing my university's colors (*cheers* Unibersidad ng Pilipinas) hehe...I did that because...actually, I have no other reason other than school pride :P sorry

Fourth, this is the completed version of this sketch WIP (which I will delete tomorrow)-->Demi-girls Contest Extreme WIP (lol I just realized that I spelled Lilly's last name wrong in the WIP sorry...)

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this. :) I hope I got every demi-girl right. If there are some mistakes, please tell me so I can fix them :)

That's all, really! Comments please? :)

Time taken to complete: night and half a day? Not sure how long is that (got this part from VolKAINox)
Done on: Photoshop CS5 with Wacom tablet

Lilly Kole (c) GXLAXY7
Rose Damaris (c) AllisonHearts
Emerald Jeneray (c) @funnygirl2001 
Carly McCloud (c) VolKAINox
Lea Reclin (c) FlameFireheart
Kai Fischer (c) jeychen5
Name: Olympia Charmaine Lucia Gene Antonescu
Meaning:  Olympia is of Greek origin and means “of Olympus”; Charmaine is of English origin and means “charm”; Lucia is of Latin origin and means “light”; Gene is of Greek origin and means “well-born; noble”; Antonescu is of Romanian origin and means “son of Anton”
Nicknames: none; she hates nicknames
Ethnicity: Scottish-Romanian (Her mother is Scottish and her father is Romanian)
Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania
Current Residence: Bristol, England
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Cis Female
Sexuality: Heteroromantic Demisexual
Birthdate: October 8
Zodiac: Libra

Physical Appearance
Hair Colour/Style: Bright red/ very curly and falls just to her shoulders; usually she ties this in a low ponytail or keeps her bangs back with a headband
Eye Colour: Forest green
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5’9
Weight: 137
Build: Olympia has got a lean build with few curves and not much to boast. She has a semi-visible muscle tone which she got from Quidditch training.
Typical Style of Dress: She likes to go for generally conservative clothes. Her style is very simple. Long sleeved tops, jeans, and boots (preferably with the heels not more than 2 inches) Usually, her clothes are dully colored. She doesn’t wear brightly colored clothes as she thinks it draws attention to herself. She doesn’t like that. Also, she hopes that the dark clothes would “mute” her brightly colored hair.
Accessories: Stud earrings, some bracelets, and a heart-shaped locket her parents gave her for her 15th birthday
Scars/Piercings: Both of her ears are single-pierced; no scars to boast of
Others: She has a chronic “bitch face” and it has become difficult for people to figure out if she’s happy or not.

Good Traits: headstrong, refined, clever, determined, clean, observant, devoted, objective, patient
Flaws: proud, cunning, greedy, paranoid, scheming, unforgiving, over competitive, spiteful
Good Habits: keeps control of herself, cleans up after her mess, respects her higher ups, tries to think logically, aspires high
Bad Habits: hold grudges, doesn’t socialize much, judges people immediately, keeps secrets, speaks only when spoken to (this depends on the person talking; she is more likely to answer to specific people)
Fears: broken glass, failure, spiders, werewolves, fire, being forced to do something against her will, being trapped
Hobbies: reading, practicing spells or studying, singing (she doesn’t tell anyone she can), playing the violin (she dabbles a bit on the piano but that was more of her sister’s area of expertise), Quidditch
Favourite Colour: Midnight blue
Favourite Food: Pumpkin pie
Least Favourite Food: Cabbage
Favourite Drink: Fire whisky
Least Favourite Drink: Soy milk with little to no sugar
Favourite Scent: Her mother's old perfume
Least Favourite Scent: Burnt parchment
Favourite Singer/Band: Backstreet Boys, Westlife
Favourite Song: I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys (she is quite hooked to Muggle music)
Favourite Time of Year: Fall
Favourite Time of Day: Late evenings (she finds it easier to study during this time)
Favourite Weather: Rainy
Dreams/Ambitions: To become an Auror and to ace every class in Hogwarts

House: Slytherin
Best Subject: Transfiguration
Worst Subject: Astronomy and Care of Magical Creatures
Elective Classes: Ancient Runes, Apparition (6th year), Alchemy
Wand: 11’ Laurel, Dragon heartstring core
Pet (if any): a ginger cat (which was a gift from Raj) named Virgil
Organizations (are they in any clubs?): a Dueling club (2nd year) and Quidditch (Centre Beater)
Affiliation:  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Slytherin house, the Antonescu family
Other: In her 5th year, she becomes a Prefect and afterwards a Head Girl (6th year)

Blood Status: Pure-blood (Her family is one of those blood purist family. However, the family does have some Muggle and half-bloods down their line. No one likes to mention it. The reason for this is “inter-breeding” was so that their family line won’t die out. There probably weren’t a lot of pure-blood families, I guess.)
Mother: Josephine Rhiannon Antonescu (Slytherin)
Father: Hector Mark Regulus Antonescu (Ravenclaw)
Siblings: Venus Marionette Lucianna Antonescu (a Squib)
Notable Relatives: Laura Antonescu (her grandmother and dear friend) and Gywneth Henry Patrickson (her cousin)
Friends: Raj Nair (Slytherin), Yin Merryblood (Ravenclaw), Gywneth Patrickson (Hufflepuff), Owen Lawtom (Slytherin), Yang Merryblood (Slytherin)
Enemies: Vesper Mainard (Hufflepuff), Yang Merryblood (more of a frenemy kind of thing), Owen Lawtom (again frenemies)
Crush: none
Boy/Girlfriend: Raj Nair


         Olympia was the last child of Jospehine and Hector Antonescu. She developed her magical abilities at the age of 6 when she made a vase fly across the room and smash it against the wall. Her parents were upset about the vase but their anger vanished at the thought of their youngest daughter being a witch. As her sister was a Squib, all the pressure and hopes was transferred to Olympia. She was taught by her parents to be a good witch as well as a high class lady. It is because of this she was often not allowed out of her house and thus resulting in her lack of friends and social skills. However, she was lucky that her grandmother Laura and sister Venus were there for her. They made sure that Olympia didn’t grow up with the “stuffiness” (to be more open-minded of blood statuses and Squibs) and strictness her parents wanted to instill in her. They were successful as Olympia turned out to be less caring of a person’s blood status or magical capacity.

         She received her Hogwarts acceptance letter when she was 11 years. She and her parents were damn happy about it. Her older sister, too, was happy but admitted that she’d miss Olympia and was a bit envious. Olympia then went to Hogwarts and was sorted into the Slytherin house (much to the joy of her mother). It was fairly easy for her to adapt to the Hogwarts life. Sadly, her version of “adapting” was not talking to anyone because they were distractions. However, she did meet some people (Yang and Raj) who showed her that you need friends and that you don’t have to face the whole world on your own.

         Overall, Hogwarts was good for her.

         She started dating Raj at the end of their 4th year. How? It started when she kissed him during Christmas break. Things got a bit awkward as she previously told him to stop his advances on her. It surprised her that he actually stopped and said that they should just stay friends instead. She secretly liked his attention and didn’t really want him to stop. The only reason she told him off was because he was “bothering” her while she was studying. So, they tried being friends. It didn’t work. They talked about their feelings (Raj admitted that he still like liked her) and started dating.

         Olympia fought in and lived through the Battle of Hogwarts. She followed Raj who wanted to fight and protect his younger sister. Fighting wasn’t easy and she had to keep an eye on her “idiot boyfriend who could get killed any second”. She also grieved with him when he (Raj) found out that his sister died.

Other Notes:
What is their favourite spell? Immobulus and Mobiliarbus
What is their favourite Quidditch team? Do they have one? The Falmouth Falcons
If they were an animagus, what would they turn into? A black cat with the same green eyes as hers
If they had a patronus, what would their patronus be? An owl
What are they annoyed by?
  • Her red hair (she thinks it attracts to much attention to her)

  • Wrinkled up book spines

  • Messy rooms

  • The color white

  • Unused potential

Five things they would say:
  • “No.”

  • “Details of your incompetence do not interest me.” (to Vesper mostly)

  • “Don’t do anything stupid.”

  • “How pathetic of you…”

  • “Congratulations. You have reached a new level of stupidity.”
HP OC: Olympia Antonescu
I do have OCs out of the PJO fandom ^^ Here is one of my HP OCs. Olympia Antonescu, my hard-ass studious Slytherin^^ But wait, I still have two more HP OCs: Vesper Mainard (Hufflepuff) and Raj Nair (Slytherin). Their profile will be up soon...but I have another to finish ^^

That's all really! Comments and constructive criticisms are very much welcome~!

Olympia, Raj, and Vesper (c) bratitude123
all other characters belong to their respective owners
Demi-girls Contest Extreme WIP by bratitude123
Demi-girls Contest Extreme WIP
Nothing much to say except that the final picture is in the works. So far, I have only finished outlining and coloring Carly ^^

And yes, I do my sketches in red ^^ (some people tell me it's not a good idea)

Lily (c) GXLAXY7
Rose (c) AllisonHearts
Emerald (c) @funnygirl2001 
Carly(c) VolKAINox
Lea (c) FlameFireheart
Kai (c) jeychen5


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So, I have been thinking on some possibilities of demigods. Some may stray from their usual portrayal in the fandom and series it goes:

1. A child of Hermes who isn't really a thief or mischievous. He/She is really good with business and grows up to be a businessman/business woman. (as Hermes is also the god of commerce)
2. A fat child of Aphrodite. Let me just let that sink in.
3. A child of Dionysus who isn't that into wine but loves theater. He/She has a natural talent for the dramatic arts as well creating (writing?) plays. (as Dionysus is also the god of theater)
4. A child of Athena who isn't good with math and isn't "stereo-typically smart" (like with math, and is a pretty much know it all) but is great at philosophy and logic. Is more wise that smart. 
4. Demigods of different sexual orientations and ethnicity (yesss)
5. Tone deaf children of Apollo who suck at music. Because not all children of Apollo have to be musicians. Also a child of Apollo who is a writer and pursues a career in writing (because Apollo is also the god of poetry).
6. Girly children of Ares. Not all of them have to be brutes, okay? :)
7. Children of Poseidon who can't swim. (I have no other need for this other than I think it'll be amusing.)
8. Religious demigods.

That's all I got :D

Also, you guys can ask my PJO OCs questions and I'll reply with pictures~! :D (I'll repost them on my OC ask blog) Here is a list of my OCs :

:bulletorange:Sabel delos Santos (daughter of Apollo, huntress of Artemis)
:bulletorange:Jasper Salvador (son of Apollo)
:bulletorange:Leia Ka'uhane (daughter of Aphrodite)
:bulletorange:Phillip Garcia-Ramirez (son of Thalia)
:bulletorange:Sofia Ilyenkov (daughter of Ares)
:bulletorange:Mikee Taylan (son of Zeus)
:bulletorange:Michelle Belcourt (daughter of Demeter)
:bulletorange:Andrew Webber (son of Athena)
:bulletpurple:Yuri Long (daughter of Bellona)
:bulletpurple:Valerie Rhoden (daughter of Janus)

Just comment your questions in this journal~!
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